Bambus Koddaver - Burgundy

Bambus Koddaver - Burgundy
Bambus Koddaver - Burgundy
Bambus Koddaver - Burgundy
Bambus Koddaver - Burgundy

Bambus Koddaver - Burgundy

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Silkimjúkt - Ofnæmisprófað - Hitastillandi

Bættu svefngæði þín með þessum ótrúlega mjúku bambus koddaverum. Mýkt þeirra og öndun mun umbreyta nóttunum í friðsama slökun.
Mýkt þeirra er sambærileg við silki. Auk þess eru bambus koddaverin ofnæmisprófuð, bakteríudrepandi, hitastillandi og hafa rakagefandi eiginleika. Líkt og silki eru bambustrefjar góðar fyrir húðina og hárið.

Rúmfötin eru ofin úr 300 þráða bambus trefjum.

Kemur í tveimur stærðum:
50x75 cm
65x65 cm

A soft and fresh feeling
One of the great advantages of bamboo is that it produces an incredibly soft fabric. The natural structure of the bamboo fibre has a smooth and curved shape. That’s why bamboo bedding makes you feel like you are sleeping in silk sheets.

As surprising as it may seem, and unlike other fabrics, bamboo is a material that becomes softer with each wash. This means that your bamboo pillowcases will stay soft and comfortable for a long time. See your nights transformed by experiencing a whole new quality of sleep with bamboo bedding.

The hypoallergenic and antibacterial features of bamboo pillowcases
The breathability of bamboo fabric makes it an ideal fabric for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Indeed, cotton sheets tend to retain humidity, whereas bamboo sheets wicks it away efficiently. This prevents moisture from accumulating and the sheets from becoming a place where bacteria or mites can thrive.

A good example are dust mites, which are a leading cause of skin rashes and allergies. Thanks to the wicking-properties of bamboo fabric, dust mites cannot survive in bamboo pillowcases because the fibre wicks away moisture quickly.

Keep a comfortable body temperature all night long
Bamboo fibre contains many small gaps that it is so breathable and therefore has outstanding thermoregulatory properties. Indeed, bamboo bed sheets regulate your body temperature by absorbing and wicking moisture. Bamboo pillowcases keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Bamboo is the new vegan silk
*It’s time to stop with this preconceived idea that silk is the only fabric good for skin and hair. Indeed, too few people know that bamboo offers precisely the same qualities and even more.

Anti-wrinkle properties
The moisture-regulating properties of the bamboo fabric are also excellent for the skin. Firstly, by keeping your body at the right temperature overnight, you avoid sweating and thus dehydrating your skin. Secondly, unlike materials such as cotton for example, bamboo does not absorb all the moisture from your skin. This is a great advantage because dry skin is more likely to develop wrinkles.

Anti-acne solution
Like silk, bamboo bedding also has antibacterial properties. This means that it is ideal for people with acne-prone skin.

Another feature that bamboo pillowcases have in common with silk pillowcases is that they also regulate sebum production on the face and hair. The supreme softness of bamboo bedding causes less friction on the skin, which automatically reduces sebum production and thus the risk of skin problems and acne.

Take care of your hair with bamboo pillowcases
It is also the softness of bamboo sheets that makes them have less friction on your hair than cotton pillowcases. Indeed, your hair slides much better on bamboo pillowcases, so it will be less frizzy in the morning. However, bamboo has the advantage of being less slippery than satin, so your pillow will always stay in place in its case.

In conclusion, bamboo offers similar beauty benefits as silk while being vegan and cruelty-free.

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