Organics By Sara - Mask Powder Clean & Glow - andlitsmaski

Organics By Sara - Mask Powder Clean & Glow - andlitsmaski
Organics By Sara - Mask Powder Clean & Glow - andlitsmaski
Organics By Sara - Mask Powder Clean & Glow - andlitsmaski

Organics By Sara - Mask Powder Clean & Glow - andlitsmaski

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Lífrænn andlitsmaski sem gerir húðina silkimjúka og gefur henni ljóma.

Powder Facial Mask is a unique combination of three carefully selected ingredients formulated to boost your skin. It contains Algica which is a new and innovative ingredient that is produced organically in Sweden from diatoms. This ingredient has an incredible ability to bind moisture in the skin and can be compared to hyaluronic acid. It also has absorbent ability that cleanses skin. Together with Algica, the face mask contains white clay and colloidal oats. This combination gives the face mask soothing, deep cleansing and moisturizing properties, resulting in a healthy skin with radiance. The clay mask is also good for reducing visible pores and giving a fresh and smooth surface.

How to use:
You activate the mask by mixing with water. Mix 1/2 - 1 tablespoon face mask powder with 1 / 2- 1 tablespoon water, ie equal parts powder as water. Apply the mask with fingers or brush on well-cleansed skin. Let work 5min, feel free to keep the mask moist during the action time. Spray with toner if you feel it dries. If you want to let the mask work longer than 5 minutes, it is extra important that you keep it moist so that it does not snag moisture from the skin. After the face mask, it is important that you follow up with your usual skin care with moisture and fat; in our series Flower Water and then Facial oil or Oil Serum.

Powder Facial Mask can be used by all skin types, as it is unscented and contains only soothing and balancing ingredients. A clay mask is generally optimal for a mixed and oily skin, which also applies to this mask, but in our clay mask we have balanced it with both oatmeal and algae so it works well even for dry and sensitive skin.

For dry skin, you can add 5 drops of face oil to the mask for extra caring effect.

Boost the mask further by replacing the water you mix the mask with with a cooled herbal tea of ​​f.ex. chamomile for extra soothing effect on dry skin.

You can also use the face mask as a detox cleanser for the face. Then instead mix 1 tbsp powder in 2 tbsp water and shake / stir together. Massage the liquid into the skin as a regular cleanser and rinse off.

Ingredients Powder Facial Mask
White clay, Avena sativa kernel flour (colloidal oatmeal) *, Algae silica * (Algica diatoms). * Organically certified raw material.

White clay - deep cleansing
White clay, or kaolin as it is also called, is a sun-dried clay from France. The white clay is a milder variant than, for example, the green clay, and is usually recommended for sensitive skin and also as baby powder. The clay is rich in minerals that soothe the skin and clay is known to deeply cleanse the skin and give a detox effect.

Colloidal oatmeal - deep cleansing, soothing and moisturizing
Colloidal means that the oats are extra finely divided, which gives even more benefit from the properties of the oats. Oats contain several bioactive substances that provide beneficial properties to the face mask

Saponins which are a mild cleansing substance and provide deep cleansing properties
Aventramides that provide a calming and anti-inflammatory effect, good for irritated and red skin
Beta-glucans, which are fibers that swell, give fullness to the mask and become "slimy" in contact with water.
Peptides (short amino acids) that promote the build-up of collagen

Algica - deep cleansing, moisturizing and gives fullness to the mask
Algica is a new superalgae produced on the West Coast of Sweden. Behind the product is the company Swedish Algae Factory with the goal of creating a climate-positive industry with the help of algae and where the skin care industry is one of their active areas.

Algica has a unique porous structure that is not only effective in absorbing pollutants, sweat and oil, but is also full of OH groups that bind moisture. It provides a unique combo in the ability to cleanse the skin without drying out. Studies show that Algica can bind moisture just as well as the known ingredient hyaluronic acid. In addition, it can act as a carrier of other active ingredients to the skin.

Studies also show that Algica when left on the skin (in leave-on products) acts as an effective anti-pollution ingredient as it can prevent impurities from penetrating the skin and act as an SPF booster. The goal is to eventually develop Algica so that it can function as a completely natural sun protection filter.

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