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    Say hello to clever underwear that absorbs your period.

    Our reusable, washable underwear is designed to completely replace disposable pads and tampons, giving you protection when you need it most. But just how do period pants work?

    That’s the thing! All our pairs look like regular undies, but they work like *magic*

    The secret's in our built-in tech.

    Every pair of our undies are made using built-in triple layer tech that keeps you fresh, dry and protected, through even the heaviest of flows.

    1. Moisture wicking: The top layer of our period underwear wicks moisture away quickly, keeping you dry

    2. Odour controlling: The construction of our materials prevents bacteria from building up, keeping away those unwanted smells

    3. Super absorbent: This clever layer is made to absorb and hold up to five tampons’ worth of blood

    4. Leak-proof: This final, breathable and waterproof fabric prevents leaks and stains, guaranteeing complete leak protection and security throughout the day

    13 products